Mangosteen Electric Scooter Battery Replacement (regular)


Battery Preservation

If you anticipate not using the battery for several days, maintain it at approximately 80% charge. This charge level minimizes degradation compared to higher charge levels. Extended periods of non-use could lead to over-discharge, potentially harming battery function. To prevent over-discharge, recharge the battery periodically (recommended every 3 months). Neglecting this may result in diminished cell performance, characteristics, or overall battery functionality. Avoid submerging the battery in water, and store it in a cool, dry environment when not in use. Steer clear of exposing the battery to high temperatures, as this could lead to overheating, diminished performance, and reduced lifespan. Ensure correct positioning of the positive and negative terminals. Never attempt to connect the battery electrodes to an electrical outlet to avoid short-circuiting, which can cause severe damage. Transport and store the battery separately from metal objects like hairpins and necklaces to prevent potential damage. Using the battery in areas with strong static electricity or magnetic fields can compromise safety mechanisms, leading to hidden safety risks.

Charging Protocol

Charging can be performed while the battery is attached to or detached from the e-bike. (Detach the battery using the key provided on the side of the battery slide; lock it by inserting the key in the lock on the battery slide.) Exclusively use the original charger for battery charging. Charge the battery indoors in dry, moderate-temperature spaces. Maintain a clean and dry charging port by regularly wiping away dust and debris. When charging, connect the charger to the battery first, and then plug it into a power source. Charging status is indicated by the charger's LED turning red during charging and green upon completion. Avoid leaving the charger plugged in once the battery is fully charged. Do not attempt to charge a damaged, overheated, leaking, smelly, or discolored battery. Expect a charging duration of approximately 4-6 hours for a mostly empty battery; charging times might extend with battery age and usage.

Safety Precautions

Do not immerse the battery in any liquid. Never use metal objects to interact with the charging port to prevent short-circuiting. Power off the battery when not in use or before removing it from the e-bike. When handling the charger, hold it by the plug, not the cable, while plugging and unplugging from the wall. Halt charging immediately if issues arise and contact us promptly.

Important Notes

Lithium-Ion batteries pose potential risks. Exercise caution while using and charging the battery. Neglecting these guidelines may result in property damage or serious injuries. Reach out to us if you have any battery safety queries. Warranty Details The battery is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The warranty applies if the battery exhibits performance faults or capacity falls below 50% of the rated capacity. Thoroughly review the specifications and usage instructions before using the battery to understand its proper application. Non-compliance with specifications, including but not limited to improper use, incorrect circuit connections, wrong input power data, inconsistency with specifications, or user-induced damage, is not covered. Product Responsibility Prior to battery use, carefully read and comprehend the specifications and usage instructions. Failure to follow these guidelines, including misuse, improper circuit connections, incorrect input power data, deviations from specifications, or intentional damage, relinquishes us from responsibility for resulting incidents.

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