Which escooter does the best on icy roads?

Winter Tips for Electric Scooters


Avoid riding your electric scooter in the snow, as most scooters are not designed to handle winter road conditions. If you must ride, follow these steps to prepare your scooter for winter:


Slow down and steer carefully, especially on slippery surfaces.

Let air out the tires a little.

Replace standard tires with wider or off-road tires.

Tighten the brakes a little.

Plan your route in advance.

Take care of your battery in winter.

After riding in cold weather, do not recharge the battery immediately.

Charge batteries frequently and do not leave them empty.

The days are shorter in winter.

Winterize your electric scooter.

Clean electric scooters properly and frequently

Dress warmly and protect yourself from the wind

Wear as much safety equipment as possible

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