What is your opinion on the use of electric scooters for transportation?

Segways were supposed to revolutionize urban transportation. Segways were supposed to revolutionize urban transportation, but they didn't.

Scooters make me ask the same question as Segways. Why would I want to stand if I had something to carry me? If the distance is so short, why not just walk? How is that better than biking? How does it fit into overall traffic? Too slow to see on the roadway, too fast in pedestrian spaces. I don't even know how it would fit in a bike space.

Besides, I happen to live in "not-California" land. We have snow and ice winters here. Under those conditions, this scooter is useless. Not only would it be super dangerous, but it would easily get buried in a snowdrift.

It would be a fun summer toy, but not a serious means of transportation.

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