Scooter - where to start and how to buy? A guide for beginners

As a means of getting around the city, scooters seem to be second to none. Almost anyone can take advantage of these two wheels. However, before buying a scooter, there are some safety and functional issues to consider. Here is our short guide for beginners who would like to start their adventure on two wheels.

Is it worth buying a scooter? Advantages and disadvantages

The scooter seems to be a great solution for residents of big cities. Thanks to this, we can avoid traffic jams, efficiently moving between cars standing in line. So we will quickly get from point A to point B and park without problems even in a narrow alley. Scooters are also readily chosen by residents of small towns. They are ideal for short distances - as transport to work, school or the store. It is also considered an ideal vehicle for youngsters who are not yet ready to ride behind the wheel of a real motorcycle. Buying a scooter doesn't cost much. Especially in times when cars are becoming more expensive, it seems like a very profitable alternative for less wealthy or economical people. A brand new scooter for beginners can be bought for only a few thousand PLN.

At first glance, scooters have nothing but advantages. Are there any downsides? Of course they do, although they largely depend on your point of view. The two most common types of scooters are 50 and 125. A 50 scooter is a vehicle with an internal combustion engine of less than 50cc. cm or an electric motor with a power not exceeding 4 kW. By law, its maximum speed must be limited to 45 km/h. Photo of the so-called speed lock is prohibited on the scooter.

125 scooters are much more powerful and faster machines, with up to 14.8 hp. They are slightly larger than 50 scooters, which limits their maneuverability in city traffic and parking. They are more expensive than "fifty dollars".

What permits are required for a scooter?

The matter is quite complicated. Many Poles still don't know for sure, do you need a driver's license for a scooter? Some remember that you didn't need a license to drive a scooter - you just needed an identity card confirming your legal age. In fact, this happened until January 19, 2013. Anyone who reached the age of majority before this date is legally allowed to use the scooter for identification purposes only. Those who are not yet 18 years old, but previously did the so-called moped card, according to this document it was still possible to ride a scooter, but only until reaching the majority. After January 19, 2013, the possibility to obtain a moped card was cancelled. It was replaced with the AM driver's license category. Its receipt is related to the need to take a course at a driving school and pass a state test. This can be done by adults, as well as minors (with parental consent, from the age of 14).

However, an AM driver's license is only sufficient for a scooter 50. To drive a scooter with a larger engine, such as 125 cc, you have to wait until the age of 24 to apply for category A. A driver's license can only be obtained in advance if you are in transition category A2 for at least two years.

Another way to get a "scooter" license is to get a category B driver's license. Then you can legally drive cars and scooters, and after three years also motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cc.

What to remember before buying a scooter?

Unfortunately, the need to obtain an AM driving license partially limited interest in scooters in Poland. As we have already mentioned, it is not the fault of the cars themselves, which are still one of the fastest, cheapest, and also the most environmentally friendly means of transport for short distances.

Before buying your own vehicle, it is worth considering whether it should be an electric or gas scooter? The advantage of the first is the high torque available right from the start, which has a positive effect on the driving experience. Electric scooters are also considered to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic vehicles. If we have access to cheap electricity (for example, in a house with a galvanic plant), they are also cheap to operate. Their disadvantage, on the other hand, is a higher purchase cost than the combustion engine version. The lower range is also a disadvantage compared to competitors with internal combustion engines.

Internal combustion engine scooters remain the most popular on the market due to their purchase price. The cheapest designs are available at a price of 4-5 thousand PLN. Of course, to ensure the quality of the purchased machine and the safety of its use, it is worth adding some money and choosing a scooter from one of the well-known brands such as ZIPP, Hecht or Romet. The Italian Vespa is considered a high-end brand that defines urban style.

Gasoline scooters are also cheap to run. Those with a four-stroke engine can burn as much as 2-3 liters per 100 km of distance traveled.. Their maintenance is also cheap, as is the compulsory scooter liability insurance.

What doou need to legally ride a scooter?

Polish law regulates only the protection of the scooter user's head. So, we need a scooter helmet. We can buy it for a little more than 100 zł, although we recommend, of course, to buy a more secure, and therefore more expensive version - it is not worth saving on security. It is also a good idea for scooter riders to wear motorcycle clothing with protection at strategic points on the body that could be damaged in the event of an accident.

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