What is the price of 50cc insurance of scooter?

The prices can vary a lot according to the company, but also according to your driver profile, your background, etc.! the cost of insurance for a 50cc scooter in 2023 was 472 euros per year according to Assurland.

On the one hand, what paperwork is needed to insure a scooter? Here are the documents most often requested for motorcycle insurance. 

The gray card or the registration certificate of the motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle information.
  • Copy of driver's license.
  • Copy of identity card
  • Bank identity statement (RIB)

On the other hand, what is the price of insurance for a moped?

How to insure a minor's scooter?

Minors are no exception to the rule. A minor cannot take out a scooter insurance contract alone. The subscriber must be the parent or primary legal representative of the child. Liability coverage, also called third party insurance, is the mandatory minimum insurance.

So, how to insure a used scooter? The owner must also provide proof that the vehicle he is insuring does indeed belong to him. If the motorcycle is a used vehicle, a copy of the vehicle transfer certificate must be produced, signed by the previous owner on the day of the sale.


Which document to insure a 50cc motorcycle?

Among the motorcycle insurance papers, it is also necessary to send a copy of the driver's license. Another form of identification may also sometimes be requested. The copy of the license allows the insurer to verify that the selected driver is indeed authorized to drive the relevant category of motorcycle. 

How to insure a scooter without BSR?

How to insure your scooter without BSR?

The first offer is third party insurance, also called "civil liability".

The most expensive insurance, but also the most effective, is the insurance called "all risks".

Third party plus insurance is the happy medium between the two types of insurance already mentioned.

How do you insure an old moped?

For an old moped, you need to provide the following parts. 

the certificate of the FFVE;

the registration form registration form;

valid proof of identity;

proof of address less than 6 months old;

Which paper to insure a moped?

If you ask yourself "how to insure a scooter without a registration card?", know that from January 1, 2011 all mopeds must be registered (the vehicle document serves as proof). This legal provision concerns all mopeds, new or used, regardless from their date of manufacture.

How to register an old moped?

The registration of mopeds put into circulation before July 1, 2004 requires the production of the following documents:

application for registration certificate;

proof of identity and address;

proof of ownership (transfer certificate or invoice issued by the seller);

How to make a gray card in the name of a minor?

How to get a gray card when you are under 18

They will simply have to bring proof of their emancipation. Since the signature of a parent is mandatory, the young person who applies for a car registration document must provide proof of identity of this parent. 

How to insure a motorcycle without a gray card?

The gray card is a mandatory document to be able to circulate on a motorcycle, three-wheeler. Without this document, it is not possible to secure and validate an insurance contract for your motorcycle.

How to secure 125 without a license?

You just need to find an approved training center. You will then validate a 7-hour training session. And at the end, you will be allowed to drive certain types of motorcycles such as those of category A1 of the license or heavy tricycles.


What document for the purchase of used motorcycles?

What documents are needed to buy a used motorcycle?


The vehicle transport certificate. (form 15776 * 02)

The certificate of administrative status. The document (also called a non-promissory certificate) must be less than 15 days old.

The registered certificate.

What information to insure a motorcycle?

What document to provide to insure a motorcycle?

Third party insurance.

All risk insurance.


Proof of purchase.

Copy of the driver's license.

Copy of the motorcycle registration document.

Statement of information about the motorcycle.

Calculator database.

How to insure a motorcycle before having the license?

The "best" solution is then to have the motorcycle insured by a third party who will appoint himself as the main and exclusive driver, before making the change once the license is obtained. On the other hand, an additional premium will often be applied because the insurer does not hold the gray card.

How to insure a scooter without a license?

A scooter without a license must be covered by motorcycle insurance like any motorized two-wheeled vehicle. Third party insurance (or liability insurance) is the minimum mandatory cover to be taken out.

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