What are the techniques for unlocking an electric scooter?

The electric scooter is one of the most popular means of transportation in the city due to its practicality and simplicity. But the manufacturers of these vehicles limit its speed for various reasons, which does not make it a fast means of transportation. But many drivers are looking to optimize their speed and complete their errands more quickly. If this is the case for you, discover in this article some simple and practical tips to successfully unlock an electric scooter.

Unlocking an electric scooter: what do you need to understand?

Unclamping a machine like that of an electric scooter is an operation which consists of increasing the speed of the machine by deactivating or completely removing the flanges located in the motor. It is from this action that the term “unbridling” was born. The speed of the scooter can therefore only increase when the flanges are deactivated or simply removed. The vehicle becomes more efficient and can then drive on several tracks.

It should be noted that all electric scooters are restricted during sale. It is therefore up to buyers to unblock them if they wish. Contrary to what one might believe, unlocking a scooter, especially an electric one, does not represent any danger. For greater assurance, entrusting the operation to professionals seems a good option.

What is the point of unlocking an electric scooter?

Unblocking an electric scooter has benefits in several respects:

  • This is the best option to make the vehicle powerful and efficient;
  • It helps to increase the maximum speed that the manufacturer has established;
  • Most solutions for performing unclamping are risk-free;
  • An unrestrained electric scooter allows you to complete your shopping more quickly;
  • The operation can be carried out by a professional electrician or even a mechanic.

It should be noted, however, that unlocking an electric scooter (whether it is a BMW of any other brand) is illegal since it is prohibited. In fact, the law provides for a fine which can amount to 135 euros. Furthermore, insurance companies may not agree to cover the various damages that could be caused by an accident , simply because the electric scooter is not restricted.

What is the procedure to follow to increase the maximum speed of an electric scooter?

To unblock your electric scooter, certain simple and practical solutions can be put in place. Here is a summary of the advice and steps to follow to get there:

  • Remove the speed limiter found on the electric scooter: the speed limiter has the effect of lowering the maximum speed of the machine to only 25 km/h or even 45 km/h. Removing the device therefore allows you to unblock the electric scooter;
  • Carry out a rewind of the motor: such an operation aims to reduce the quantity of winding within the coil in order to increase the revolutions per minute and optimize the speed of the electric scooter. Rewinding the engine presents certain accident risks and can also damage the vehicle in question when done incorrectly;
  • Increase the power within the scooter's battery: optimizing the voltage helps boost the operation of the electric motor, boosting its maximum speed.

These techniques are effective and quick to increase the speed of an electric scooter. However, many people advise against vehicle unblocking and recommend respecting the speed defined by the manufacturer to avoid accidents and penalties.

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